Instructions on how to choose effective women’s tennis clothes

Choosing is sometimes a very difficult task. Just looks stylish, impressive, glamorous but still comfortable and easy to maneuver. Tennis fashion not only gives players good looks, but also serves training purposes. When shopping for new women’s tennis clothing, pay attention to the following basics.

Material of women’s tennis shirt

Check and make sure that the tennis clothing is made from 100% cotton. Cotton is a very popular fabric that breathes on the surface of the skin and helps sweat escape faster.

In addition, Dri-fit material is also a good choice. Dri-fit fabric adopts polyester fiber mixed with cotton, with a special design so that sweat can slide on the fabric surface and evaporate faster. Help clothes always dry and airy, do not create sweat stains like other normal clothes.

Nike women’s tennis brand is also a sportswear brand that chooses this fabric for its products.


Women’s tennis clothing elasticity

It is recommended to choose made from fabrics with high elasticity. Well-stretched tennis clothing will give the player a wider range of motion. And it’s really helpful to practice movements that need stretching. Also, be sure to choose women’s tennis skirts with good elasticity.

Most women’s tennis dresses have smart designs, making dressing more flexible. However, it is recommended to choose the type that fits your waist. Because although it can stretch, it can still be very loose or very tight.

Width of clothing

Clothes that are too hugging will limit movement and create an uncomfortable feeling. However, it is not recommended to choose too wide an outfit. It is a mistake to think that choosing women’s tennis clothes as wide as comfortable is comfortable. It is only true for some flexible movement sports such as dancing and dancing, of course when practicing.

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